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wow this banner isn’t as pretty as the one on my ff.  OH um yeah, I gotta do the thing here.  Ahem.

You there!  Yes you!  Have you ever dreamed of one day owning your very own plush space marine?  Well, dream no more, for we are announcing the SUPER-DUPER RVB GIVEAWAY!!

Alright, so here’s the skinny:
 - Gonna pick 3 winners on October 1st, 2014(why october? fall break = full week of school off = time to sew) using the random number generator 
 - One like, one reblog - two entry chances.  You can reblog as much as you want, but tumblr only shows one reblog so yeah.
 - You do not have to be following me to enter this giveaway.  (It would be nice, since like all I fuckin do is post crafty shit like this, but I’m not gonna say that you have to.  But to be fair to the kids who follow me (since this is a follower giveaway), you can get any pick of what plush you want (your own plush, not one of these pictured above, those are mine), while non-follower winners will have more limited options that will not include speciality patterns such as Maine, Carolina, CT, or any of our new friends from season 11/12.  But don’t fucking follow for the giveaway and unfollow afterwards.  That’s rude.)
 - No giveaway blogs pretty please.
 - US-only, I am a broke college student with 0 monies.  Willing to ship to Canada as well!! (If you’re willing to pay shipping to your place, then fuck yeah son I’ll make you the thing.)
 - Before you ask questions about the plushies, please check my plush faq.

So remember, the date’s October 1st, and I’m gonna do it as soon as I get home from school (around 5 PM central time) so you’ve got until then.  Good night, and good luck.

reminder reblog that I will indeed ship to Canada and that if you have questions you should check out the supercool link up there!!!  ^u^

2 DAYS!!


Anonymous asked:

I missed that stream the other day is there some way I can get a recap?


  • Maddie had been fixing Freddy along with Mike.
  • Maddie had left to go and get items to actually give Freddy a bath while Mike had smoked. Bonnie soon entered in and all of them had a talk.
  • Bonnie left and Maddie came back, once Freddy was completely cleaned, she went to go get fresh water.
  • Freddy had gone back on stage for awhile, Leaving Chica, Bonnie, and Mike alone.
  • After awhile, Maddie came back and it was her, Mike, Chica, and Clyde. 
  • Maddie went off to go and get food for her and Mike, while suddenly something attacked all of the others. Clyde quickly shoved out Bonnie and the two of them glitched in the corner while Mike ran to the security room with Chica. 
  • Once everything calmed down, Maddie came back and she was pissed. Mike had been smoking behind her back and his father had died due to cancer
  • They had a fight and Freddy watched as Maddie slowly started to break down and she rushed off to Pirates Cove, where Foxy was watching over her.
  • After a few, awkward, moments, Bonnie came back and her and Freddy talked before Mike joined in as well.
  • Bonnie excused herself and left the two assholes to talk and somewhat argue with each other. There was some high pitch screaming, but they brushed it off. 
  • Mike soon left to go and start on his work shift and Bonnie returned, covered in blood. She used the excuse that some teenagers had entered within the place and was trying to hurt her.
  • Mike soon came in, yelling. Apparently someone had shoved Maddie into a suit. 
  • Bonnie confessed and there was a fist fight between her and Freddy, and Bonnie was winning as she had Freddy pinned under her. 
  • Foxy came in suddenly and attacked Bonnie, causing her to shut down to escape the pain.
  • Suddenly a high pitch voice came in and caused Foxy to black out and then Freddy.

It was a wild fucking ride

- Mod M

Bloody hell…


I understand that a lot of people have been hating the new design for Bonnie within Five nights at Freddy’s sequel, and I wanted to share my opinion on the entire matter considering that I think some of this hatred just comes from the fact Bonnie 2.0 isn’t as good looking as the original Bonnie.

I think that the point is that the new Bonnie is SUPPOSED to not look as good as the original.

This is something we see alot every day, old, classic characters always getting re-designed to meet modern standards and to change things up when the old mascot is tired out, we all loved the classic design for Chucky in Chuck E. Cheeses, but we don’t love the more modern designs as much as the classic ones because they don’t really resonate with us as a memorable character like the old designs did.

Long story short: The new Bonnie is meant to not look as memorable as the original, like we see old mascots get new, mediocre designs, this holds true in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

…this is a good point…

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